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La Patisserie is a cake-maker with a difference!

We aim to keep the client happy with our personalised cakes and bespoke packages for any occasion. As one of the best Gibraltar bakeries, we ensure our cakes are home-made with natural and fresh ingredients since 1995. Baked to the highest quality, we can provide the custom-made solution to every situation.

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Ordering a cake has never been easier either. With our online ordering service, you can ask for the celebration cake you want when you want it. Be it the sort of birthday cakes Gibraltar is famous for, delicious event cakes or catering for corporate events we will come up with the goods.

When it comes to Gibraltar confectioneries La Patisserie offers a personalised service which is second to none, ensuring you get the cake you want, when you want. Our free delivery and bespoke service makes this process pain-free and flexible, ensuring you can enjoy yourselves knowing your delicious cake is on the way.

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Angelo Parody

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